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Safarri + Google Earth:
Browse classifieds in real time 3D.
Discover local listings in a whole new way!
Let's Go!
Set Up Earth:

(Proceed to next step once Google Earth is running happily)
Set Up Safarri:
Min Price:
Max Price:
Connect Safarri:
  • Click Here to download Safarri.kml
  • Navigate to your download location
  • Double click Safarri.kml in your downloads - and view items that match your criteria in Google Earth!
Delete the Safarri.kml file at your leisure.

Tips and Tricks
Know your Markers:
As you fly around, "Markers" will appear denoting items for sale. Click them to learn more about each item!
Zoom In:
When you are viewing a large area, Safarri only shows the "neatest" ads. Zoom in to see all the items!
Power Browsing:
While browsing Safarri online, click the "Earth" button in the upper right of the browse page to import your current filter settings into Earth!
Multiple Safarri Filters:
If you are looking for cars and land, you can download each seperate filter into Earth at the same time and toggle them on and off individually!

Frequently Asked Questions:
Why can't I select multiple categories in the category tree window in firefox?
Because there is an even better way to browse multiple categories! See the "Multiple Safarri Filters" Tip.
It seems that international items aren't working too well. What's up?
We are working on it :-)

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